North Shore Gas is celebrating dads this Father’s Day. The company asked employees to submit pictures and provide a few thoughts about what it means to be a dad.

Here are their words:

“I love being a dad because my daughters keep me grounded and are a daily reminder of what’s most important in my life.” — Sal Arana, vice president — operations

“Other than being a husband, a dad is the most important and challenging role there is. While it is expensive and time-consuming, it is extremely rewarding. It is an emotional roller coaster experiencing all the joy and pain in your children’s lives. But, in the end, it is all worth it and I could not be happier that I was blessed to be a dad.” — Dan Thiel, senior business analyst — business effectiveness and integration

“Everyone’s parents tell their kids, ‘blink and childhood is over,’ and as a parent I’ve found this saying to be true. Because of time being so fleeting, I have made it a priority to spend as much time with my kids as I can and that they will allow, especially now with teenagers. It’s been an amazing journey with them and they have made being a dad very rewarding.” — Matthew Krecun, team leader — external communications

“As a father, I have learned to enjoy the journey rather than focus on the destination.” — Naren Prasad, remediation manager — environmental

“Being a dad is a greater gift than I ever imagined. I just wish I could freeze time.” — Scott Alwin, senior communications specialist

“I love being a dad because my sons are always teaching me new things.” — David Schwartz, senior communications specialist